Firewood Delivery Service v/s Buying Wood From The Store: What’s Better?

December 22, 2017

Firewood Delivery Service

Winter is here, and you must be thinking of buying firewood to fill up your hearth.

There are two kinds of firewood available for purchase – kiln-dried firewood and seasoned firewood. The former is the wood that is cut relatively recently and has been dried in a kiln. However, the latter is the wood that was cut at least a year ago and has dried naturally since then. Both kinds of wood are good for burning, but the seasoned variety is harder to transport and store. It is for this reason that you get the kiln-dried variety in your local store instead. And it is the drying-in-a-kiln that unfortunately makes this readily available firewood costlier than its counterpart.

A firewood delivery service comes to your aid in this dilemma. Professional firewood delivery companies take it upon their mantle to ensure the safe transport of seasoned firewood to your home. Such sources also ensure that the firewood gets stored properly.

Here is why firewood delivery service is better than buying wood from the store –

Buying By The Cord Saves You More Than Half The Cost! 

At the store, you’ll get wood for purchase in small chunks, costing you $5.99 for less than a cubic foot. If you add up these little chunks to add up to a cord, you’ll end up spending about $800. On the other hand, seasoned firewood delivered to your home costs just about $ 300 per cord.

Get Your Firewood In Bulk

Even if you own a heavy-duty SUV, chances are you’re taking multiple fortnightly trips to buy fresh firewood for your regular household needs. A firewood delivery service would, owning to its tried-and-tested delivery and stocking method, eliminate this hassle and deliver all the firewood you require for the season in one go, saving you a lot of time and energy.

So instead of buying in chunks from the store now and then, switch to a firewood delivery service that frees up your time by giving you the privilege of getting your firewood delivered to you by the cord, and not by the stumps of log.

Efficient Stacking And Proper Storage

It’s true that ordering firewood in bulk creates issues of proper stacking. The firewood agency has you covered here too as one of their staff members can help you in neatly stacking up the logs as well as properly storing seasoned firewood. A premier firewood delivery company would also provide you with the necessary bags for efficient storage.

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