Why Lawn Aeration is Beneficial

October 5, 2017

The secret to a beautiful lawn is to get it aerated regularly. Grass can become compacted, or have a dense thatch layer on it that inhibit air, water, and nutrients from getting to the roots. Getting your lawn aerated allows for the needed air, water and nutrients to get down to the roots.

How is the Lawn Aerated?

Lawn aeration is done by one of the talented employees of SAB Tree Service using a machine that extracts small cores leaving small holes throughout the yard. The cores are left on the lawn to help fertilize the lawn.

Leaving the cores on the lawn has two benefits. It provides access to the roots for water, air and nutrients while fertilizing the growing grass. The cores may seem unattractive at first, but they quickly dissolve and decompose. The benefit of leaving the cores on the lawn greatly outweigh raking them up.

When Should Aerate your Lawn?

Few homeowners aerate their lawns enough and are denying their home the beautiful yard they could have. The most efficient time to aerate your lawn is in the fall because weed growth has slowed, but your grass is still actively growing. Getting your lawn aerated in the fall gives your grass the chance to grow and be strengthened before the spring when weeds are ready to attack.

How Often Should you Aerate your Lawn?

Although there is no exact way to say how often you should get your yard aerated, most claim it’s best to get your yard aerated anywhere from yearly to every three years.

It all depends on how often your yard is used and how passionate you are about having a beautiful lawn. Getting your lawn aerated every year is one of the only ways to guarantee you will have a great lawn come springtime.

If you have children who play in the yard or you are frequently walking on your grass than it is even more important that you get your grass aerated yearly because the soil becomes more compacted when people walk on it.

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