Planning Ahead For Spring Landscaping Projects

January 4, 2018

It may seem too early to think about it, but Spring will be here before we know it. No more freezing cold days and sub-zero temperatures. The time to enjoy the beautiful green scenery and smell the fresh fragrance of flowers is near. But wait! How are you going to enjoy spring without a lovely garden and lawn? Having a beautiful lawn right outside your home really makes the spring season magical. Make sure your lawn looks is the best on the block. We’re here with some spring landscaping tips to help you get your yard looking its emerald best –

Assess Your Existing Landscaping

Before hiring a contractor, it is a good idea to personally evaluate your landscaping area. Jot down a list of landscaping ideas that you like. A contractor will help you prioritize your needs and give you excellent suggestions to make your landscape look its best. Observe overgrown plants, cracks in hardscaping, and unwanted weeds. Ensure that you convey all the essential details to your contractor to get the job done right.

Consider The Growth of Your Plants

You need to plan for the growth of your plants when it comes to landscaping. Plants may outgrow their patch if you plant them too close to each other. Get detailed information about every plant you buy. Do your fair share of research and study before you purchase a new plant!

Mulching Your Lawn Areas

Mulching gives your grass many essential nutrients and creates a solid foundation that encourages healthy grass growth. During the summer, a lawn loses many essential nutrients. Healthy mulching, watering, and proper fertilization add valuable organic matter to the soil.

Planting Flowers and Trees

Consider every item you wish to plant. Choose the ones that work well with your climatic conditions. Make a list of flowers, trees, and shrubs that complement your environment and look good together.

Weed Control

Weeds will be fewer if the lawn is healthy. When weeds do crop up in your landscape, it is best to treat them with a selective herbicide. You can also pull weeds by hand, which can only be effective if you get the whole root out.

Be aware of local pests in your area

Deer, insects, and stray animals can destroy your landscaping. Installing deer-resistant plants will be a good idea as they can ward off many local pests. You can also protect your lawn through fencing, wire mesh, etc.
Take some time out and think about what you want from your landscape this spring season.

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