Autumn clearly brings changes across the natural world–but what about your lawn?

October 20, 2020

Less obvious than the red, orange, and yellow leaves dropping from trees all around, grass also adapts to the new, cooler season, too, and so should your lawn care. Here are a few things to consider when tending to your yard this fall.

1. Remove fallen leaves

As tedious as raking leaves can be at times, it’s imperative that you clear your lawn. For photosynthesis to occur efficiently, your grass needs easy access to carbon dioxide, water, and sunlight. A new layer of leaves will affect your turf’s ability to receive every essential part of the process. If any of these necessary components are negatively affected for any reason, your grass won’t grow as well as it typically does, if at all. So to keep your lawn looking nice and living correctly throughout the later part of the year, make sure to get rid of the onslaught of newly fallen leaves.

2. Aerate

Compacted soil makes it tougher for grassroots to grow at a healthy rate. To promote proper care, people will commonly aerate their lawns. Aeration creates holes that break through the thicker layers of dirt, allowing for adequate water, air, and nutrient access for roots to grow deeper and stronger.

Many yards consist of cool season turf, which means the grass increases its root zones during autumn, preparing for winter. Aerating helps your lawn achieve its natural objective to be ready for the colder months.

3. Consistent watering

Although the daily temperatures are dropping, your watering habits shouldn’t be. Staying on top of your watering schedule, whether it’s done by a hose or sprinkler system, is critical for your lawn’s health. As mentioned before, grass needs water to create self-sustaining nutrients, and, other than a random rainstorm or two, your yard won’t receive the water it needs without your help.

To guarantee your lawn looks great in the fall and beyond, trust the team at SAB Lawn & Landscaping Inc to remove leaves, aerate your yard, water your lawn, and more. Call us at 703-661-6010 to learn more about our specific services and how we can assist you.

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