3 Ways to Enjoy Your Garden This Winter

December 23, 2020

The temperature drop may attenuate your enthusiasm to engage in outdoor activities. However, gardens can still be pleasant and enjoyable even if your plants have gone dormant due to the weather changes. Here are three ways to enjoy your garden this winter.

1. Utilize the Frost to Your Benefit

There are several ways to use the winter frost to embellish your garden.

a) Grow Winter Veggies
Cold weather doesn’t necessarily result in lesser options of vegetables to plant in your garden. In fact, tons of vegetables grow better after being exposed to frost. Some of these are kale, cabbage, and Brussels sprouts.

b) Make Snow Luminaries
It gets dark sooner during the winters. A very easy and inexpensive way of illuminating your garden in the wintertime is to take a couple of ice luminaries and spread them around all over the place. This will add a little glow to your garden and make it look more appealing and catchy.

c) Seed Heads
There are several trees and plants used for decorative and ornamental purposes, with interesting seed heads. These plants are generally grown in winters. Seed heads add dimension to a winter landscape. They also help in providing food to your wildlife and birds.

2. Invest in the décor of your garden

There are countless things you can do to decorate your garden.

a) Tidy up your garden
Upkeep and maintenance of unsheltered outdoor gardens can be tough in the winter season with the tall towers of snow and chilly weather. Here are some easy ways to groom and tame your garden.

• Deadhead the flowers
• Sweep the paths
• Collect all the garbage (if there is any) and throw it out
• Plant beautiful winter flowers like tulip bulbs, Primulas, violas, etc.

b) Add Some Ambiance
Candlelight has a phenomenal quality of warming up a room or an outdoor space. So place some candlelight in your garden! It will help create a soothing and calming atmosphere. Some shiny fairy lights can also help make your garden look cozier. If you don’t want to use these, you can always look for solar-powered lighting and hang them all across your garden.

c) Add Some Furniture
Outdoor furniture will be a great addition to both an open or sheltered garden. Invest in your outdoor furniture. Consider adding a corner sofa for family movie nights or some tables if you like to BBQ.

3. Organize Parties!

Have people over. There are several party-related activities you can plan in your beautiful outdoor winter garden.

a) Cook & Chat
The best way to enjoy chilly days is to have some hot chocolate or s’mores with close friends or family members and just talk. So prepare some hot beverages for your guests and enjoy them on the lawn. You can also spark up the BBQ or pizza oven for a delightful meal.

b) How About Some Fireworks?
You can hold a firework party for your guests on the lawn with lots of food. You can also celebrate New Year out in your garden and make an impressive display of fireworks as everyone loves to see some colorful lights in the sky at the beginning of a fresh new year!

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