Choosing the Best Landscape for Your Household

January 26, 2017

It may seem too early to begin preparing for your spring landscaping choices, but winter is an excellent time to begin thinking about the best yard for the people (and pets) in your home. Read on to learn about what options will work best for you.

Landscaping for kids

Kids love to be outside, and the ideal yard should give them lots of safe options for play. What do your kids like to do when they’re outside? Jump on a trampoline? Play a game of tag? Settle down with a good book? Think about your children in particular and what sort of space would benefit them the most. A great outdoor space for kids starts with a forgiving surface. Use some squishy grass or woodchips to create a soft landing in case of tumbles. Then think about what could make the space special for your children. Maybe it’s a comfy outdoor nook for your reader, a space for a swing set or a giant chess board painted on the patio. Ask your kids and get creative!

Creating a space for pets

Do your pets love to play fetch and run or just lounge in the sun? If you’ve got an energetic dog, start with some hearty plants and shrubs that can stand up to wear and tear if your pets do a lot of rough housing. If your pal is on the lazier side, add a patch of soft grass or mulch in the shade for napping. Remember that all pups need to be cleaned up after. Make it easier on yourself by choosing a landscaping surface like grass or hardscape that lends itself to easy clean up, and train your dog to use the bathroom there. A hard running path or track can entertain and exercise your dog while keeping their nails filed down.

Low maintenance landscaping

Does the thought of gardening or mowing make you cringe? Do you want a yard that’s beautiful but requires little to no work? It sounds like you’re a low maintenance landscape sort of person. Xeriscaping and outdoor patios are functional, beautiful and require very little effort after their creation. Crushed rock, mulch and succulents can be used to create a space that’s easy to enjoy without having to spend lots of time on upkeep. Extend it all the way across your yard to maximize your easy care spaces.

Water conservation

If you want to cut down on water consumption in your household, there are a few excellent choices for landscaping. The xeriscaping technique mentioned above is a great way to get rid of plants entirely while still having a beautiful yard. Landscaping with plants that are native to your area is a great way to add some foliage without consuming extra water. Plants natural to your region are already conditioned to use the amount of water that occurs naturally where you live. Lay down mulch to keep plant roots cool, and use less water by grouping flowers with similar needs together, so that only a specific area needs to be watered.

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