5 Tips for Preparing Your Yard for Spring Landscaping

February 17, 2017

It may just be February, but the springtime will be here before you know it. That means it’s time for green grass, sunshine and beautiful flowers to reappear. You’ve probably neglected your yard during the winter, as most of us do. Now that spring is just around the corner, gardening and landscaping is on everyone’s mind again.

If want your yard to be beautiful during spring, here are 10 tips you can do to prepare your yard for landscaping:

Know your climate

Before you rush out to buy plants, you need to know the climate for your home. Climate includes your geographic location on the Earth, as well as the climate of your yard. Pick plants that are appropriate for how much sun and shade your lawn gets during the day.

Do research

You should plan out your landscaping strategy ahead of time. Know whether you’re going to break it up in phases, or whether you’ll hire a landscape professional to help you plan. Ask a local nursery for guidance, or even talk to a neighbor whose landscaping you admire.

Learn about local pests

Pests like wildlife, insects and stray animals can destroy your landscaping. It’s important that you learn what kind of pests are in your area, so you can install fencing or wire mesh to protect your yard. There are also some kinds of natural plants that will ward off local pests.

Plant at the recommended time of year

We know you’re excited to plant your fruit trees and flowering shrubs, but many of these will thrive for years if you plant them at the recommended time of year. Look at gardening websites and ask your nursery when the best time is to plant certain trees, flowers and shrubbery.

Plan for growth

Estimate how large your plants will grow in the coming weeks and months. If plants grow too large too quickly, you might have to dig them up. Most plants have height and growth requirements on the pots when you purchase them from the nursery. Pay attention to these before planting.

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