What to Avoid to Landscape a Safe Yard for Kids and Pets

July 30, 2021

Deciding how you want to landscape your yard is already a hefty task; add child and pet safety to the mix, and it becomes even more difficult! We’ve compiled a small list of what to avoid in your plan to keep your kids and pets safe.


Pesticides are common to spray around your yard to prevent and kill insects, rodents, and weeds. However, if consumed by either your pet or a child, you might have some more significant issues on your hands. Make sure you look for a non-poisonous anti-weed/ insect spray or solution. There are quite a few child and pet-safe ones on the market.

Decks, Firepits, and pools without fences:

Decks, fire pits, and pools are all great additions to have in your yard! Who doesn’t want these luxuries to enjoy from the comfort of their home? This being said, all of these can be potentially hazardous to children if not fenced or gated in properly. Children can easily drown after falling into a pool, even if they are considered strong swimmers. A fall from a deck can lead to broken bones and other injuries. Don’t consider these options without also considering a child-proof gate or fence.


Composts are an excellent option for those who want to help the environment while also benefiting their garden! While composts have a wide variety of great benefits, they’re also a perfect place for toxins to develop. This can be incredibly harmful to your pets if they find a way into your compost. Be sure that if you want to implement this into your yard, that it’s out of reach from your beloved pets.

Poisonous plants and flowers:

When planning out what plants and flowers you would like to have in your yard, it’s easy to get carried away by the prettiest, most colorful ones you can find! Besides just color and beauty, something you will want to keep in mind is what plants can be potentially harmful to your pets and children if consumed. While many plants aren’t going to kill someone if consumed, you’ll probably end up with some kind of medical or veterinary bill you could have easily avoided!

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