5 Lighting Ideas to elevate your backyard

June 30, 2021

Using a variety of lighting is a great way to elevate your backyard. No matter your style or budget, there are options for you and your yard! Keep reading to see just a few ideas for lighting in your backyard.

String lights:

String lights are a cheap way to bring some light into your backyard. String them on a wall, from the side of your house, along a fence, or over your back patio! No matter how you choose to display them, string lights will be sure to create a cozy atmosphere and make your backyard the perfect hangout spot this summer.


Lanterns are the perfect addition to any yard. You can find many lanterns of different styles and prices to fit your budget and aesthetic perfectly! Lanterns can be placed on tables for backyard dinners and barbecues or hung from walls and fences for a more permanent look.

Path lights:

Path lights are a great option if you want the lighting in your yard to appear more subtle. There’s plenty of options for path lights, including smaller ones that run along with your path or lanterns/ torches that stand tall along the path. Either way, path lights will make your yard more welcoming at night and provide just the right amount of light to make nights outside fun and comfortable.


Spotlights are a beautiful way to highlight your favorite parts of the yard. This might include specific plants or other aspects of your landscaping, garden, pool, waterfall, or fountain. The options for spotlights are limitless and allow you to enjoy the beauty of your yard after it gets dark.

Candles and tea lights:

Buy candles of any size and place them on outdoor tables, around an outdoor fireplace, or by the barbecue to create some romantic lighting! The best option for decorating your yard with candles is battery-operated lights. These come in all different shapes and sizes to suit the desired look for your yard! While candles may be small, they make all the difference in creating mood lighting in the yard.

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