Summer Landscaping Tips

May 17, 2021

Keep a Consistent Mowing Schedule

Grass needs to stay at a healthy height to combat drought. You don’t want it to be too short or too long. The key to a healthy summer lawn is a consistent mowing schedule, and using the highest setting on the lawn mower and lowering it as the summer progresses is the key to a happy and healthy lawn.

Manage Bugs and Pests

Take care of bugs and pests that you see in your yard immediately to prevent bug infestations. Bugs can threaten your plants and lawn and eventually lead to dry brown areas and dead plants.

Don’t Water During the Hottest Part of the Day

During the day, watering during peak heat times is counterproductive because the water will evaporate before the plants have time to soak it up. Consider watering in the morning or evening to give the roots a chance to retain the moisture.

Watch for Weeds

Make sure to pick weeds as you see them pop up, don’t let them grow, and spread more seeds throughout the rest of your yard. We recommend using a hoe for smaller weeds or a heavier duty weeding tool for the tougher, more rooted weeds.

Use Fertilizer to Help with Heat

Different regions and lawn types call for different types of fertilizer. Make sure you get a fertilizer best suited for your yard to give your plants a boost for the summer heat!

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