Preparing Your Lawn For Fall

September 3, 2021

With the weather cooling down, it’s time to start preparing your lawn for the cooler fall and winter months. The better you take care of your lawn right now, the better it will look when spring comes around in a few months. Follow the tips outlined in this article to help ensure your grass stays healthy this fall and winter.

Rake Leaves/ Clean-Up:
Create a routine to rake your leaves up regularly. When leaves get stacked on top of each other and get wet, they become matted together and hard to clean up. If wet leaves stay on the lawn for too long, they can suffocate the grass and create hazardous bacteria.

Aerating is the process of creating holes in your lawn to allow things like oxygen, water, and nutrients to soak into the grass. Fall is a great time to aerate your lawn so nutrients can reach the grass roots, and the overseeds can be put deep in the soil, allowing for growth into the winter season that will, in turn, protect the health of your lawn.

Control Weeds:
Weeds love to sprout in the fall time, and like any other plant, they take up all the energy, water, and nutrients that they can get! The more weeds you have, the less healthy your lawn will be. You can purchase and spread herbicides onto your lawn to prevent the further spread of weeds. Getting your weeds under control in the fall time will result in a beautiful lawn in the spring.

Fall is the best time to fertilize your lawn. Although grass blades tend to grow slowly in the cooler months, the roots continue to grow at rapid speeds; the roots need just as much nutrients in the fall and winter as they do in the spring and summer. Fertilization in the fall will give your lawn the best chance of being healthy in the warmer months.

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