5 Plants for a Late Summer / Fall Color

July 15, 2020

It is late summer, and the view from your bedroom window is starting to become more colorful with each passing day. Magic is dawning across as autumn closes in and your neighborhood trees and lawn begin changing shades into deeper hues. Combining mother nature’s beauty with artistic gardening techniques adds curb appeal to your home while providing lasting comfort in the embrace of your own private natural corner.
A touch of landscaping with SAB Lawn & Landscaping Inc can add that visual marvel to your home with artistic landscape design.

Read on to learn about 5 plants for late summer, fall bloom:

• Juneberry / Shadblow

These fruit-bearing trees are native to Canada and the USA. There are two species for the Juneberry: Amelanchier Alnifolia, valued for its high yield potential and used in cultivation; and Amelanchier Canadensis which can grow to a much taller height. Your garden transforms from greens, into beautiful blooming oranges, to rust and white. Settle for the variant which is less obstructive and filters in plenty of sunshine as the winter months come calling.

• American Hornbeam

With its yellow, orange, or red foliage, the popular American Hornbeam, know in Latin as Carpinus caroliniana, or blue-beech, or musclewood, is a hardwood tree that will enhance that autumn splash in your front yard while offering oodles of shade and relaxation. This tree shoots out a kaleidoscope of colors from darker green in the summer, to tangerine hues as the winter seasons arrive.

• Sassafras Albidum

The remarkable autumn hues of sassafras will add a touch of fiery skies over the horizon. The leaves are reddish-pink and grow and change to yellow, red, or orange as they mature. The sassafras tree spouts colors that enliven the scenery through summer, early and late fall, producing fruits resembling blueberries. The leaves of this tree are aromatic when crushed, especially beckoning the onset of winter.

• Virginia Creeper

A portrait of beautiful autumn leaves along sides of your garden wall will attract eyes to the relaxing hues of Virginia Creeper of years to come. The leaves explode in a riot of yellows, reds, and oranges. The Virginia creeper leaves turn redder towards the winter, especially if your garden wall faces the sun. Sunshine plays a very important role in bringing out the color of this tree’s leaves, come winter.

• Silver Lace Vine

If there’s no dearth of space in your front yard, then a dash of white hues from the perennial attractive looks of the Silver Lace vine will bring a feel of the oncoming winter wonderland to your home. Creamy, fragrant flowers blossom from summer through the thick of winter and add a dual note of melancholy and vibrancy. This is a perennial, fast-growing vine with lots of perfumed, white flowers and a lovely bloom time from summer to fall.

SAB Lawn & Landscaping can help to create that lush, perennial bloom in your lawn you have always dreamed of. Call us today at 703-661-626 and let our representatives help.

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