What To Do About Fall Leaves

September 1, 2020

From golden-yellow to green-to-rich-reds, the slow, beautiful falling of leaves and quiet stirring are a precious gift of autumn.

Though a few leaves won’t cause any issue, slippery, wet, and an abundance of leaves can lead to problems.

However, there are many ways you can handle any unexpected onslaught of leaves.

Help your yard

When leaves fall onto your yard, set your lawnmower on the highest cutting height & mow over them. This will shred the leaves into little pieces allowing them to mix with the grass. This makes an incredible soil conditioner and causes the soil to hold moisture and stay healthy throughout winter.

Leaf mulch

If you have an enormous number of fallen leaves, utilizing them as mulch is an incredible option in contrast to discarding them. To start with, gather them and shred them with a rotary mower. When you have shredded the leaves, place them around your flower beds and plants – a few inches thick while avoiding the stem. Leaf mulch has various incredible advantages: not only would it break down and form an extraordinary soil conditioner, but also serve as protection for vegetables and plants.

Make compost

Fallen pre-winter leaves are an extraordinary wellspring of rich, brown material for the compost bin. By guaranteeing they are sufficiently moist, blended in with green material, and turned once per month to permit oxygen to circulate, they will, in the long run, break down into a thick dark compost – which is rocket fuel for your garden, flowers, and plants.


Gather all the fallen leaves that you can, dry them out, and then put them in a bag. Pack the highest number of them as firmly together and store them in the cold regions of your home, including the nursery shed. These sacks of leaves will serve as insulation and help in keeping the spaces warm in winter.

Bag them

Throughout the spring & summer months, it may be hard to find adequate brown material for the compost bin. By putting them away in sacks in a cool, dry spot, you will have plenty of brown material ready at hand for the next year.

In case fallen leaves are clogging your gutters, then reach out to our experts at SAB Lawn & Landscaping for professional and affordable leaf removal & gutter cleaning solutions in Northern Virginia.

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