Get A Lush Lawn With These Tips

September 3, 2019

Does it feel like the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence? Not anymore!

Most homeowners want to have a perfect, lush lawn. However, it takes more than regular mowing and occasional maintenance to get one. Lawn care involves a lot of effort, including proper fertilization and the ability to troubleshoot problems as soon as they arise.

As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to keep a tab on the excessive thatch and provide enough water and fertilizer, so that the grass remains green on both sides of the fence.

To help you further, here are a few lawn care tips from our pros to breeze over the hurdles you face in having a perfect lawn!

1) Aerate And Fertilize Your Lawn
Compacted soil often results in problems such as poor air circulation, improper water drainage, and less nutrient absorption. Hence, homeowners need to keep their lawn aerated and fertilized. Lawn aeration helps the grass make better use of water and nutrients by penetrating the soil and letting the oxygen in. Once you are done with aerating your lawn, use natural fertilizers to feed it. Organic fertilizers are not only healthy for your lawn, but the environment and your family as well. Fertilize your grass several times a year to keep it in good shape!
2) Water Your Lawn Properly
Watering is the most crucial part of lawn care. If you want your lawn to be healthy, make sure to water your grass slowly and deeply. This way, the roots of your grass will grow deep and help the plant stay green even during extremely hot weather. Also, refrain from watering your lawn every day. According to experts, watering your grass with 1 inch of water once a week is enough to keep your lawn green.
3) Mow At The Right Time And The Right Height
Setting your lawnmower to the highest or the lowest is not always a good idea. The height for grass cutting varies for different grass species and needs to be dealt with accordingly. For example, cool-season grasses should be cut up to 2½ to 3½ inches, while warm-season grasses should be cut shorter than that. It’s also important to mow the grass after certain intervals and to never remove more than 1/3 of the grass blade at a time.
4) Use The Best-Quality Grass Seeds
Don’t hesitate to invest in premium quality grass seeds if you want your lawn to remain green and fresh across all seasons. Good quality grass seeds not only sprout fast but also fight diseases, resulting in a thick, green lawn. You can opt for both coated and uncoated seeds, depending on the type of grass you want on your lawn. Feel free to consult a professional to know more about the right kind of grass for your lawn!
5) Spot Control Weeds
Another way to keep your lawn looking great is to stay on top of weed growth. You can do this by spot-controlling weeds, i.e., killing the weeds even before they have a chance to grow. This method is far easier than dealing with weeds that have overtaken your lawn. It will not only save your time but will also help you manage your lawn in a better manner. You can use a good weed control chemical to keep weeds from developing on your lawn.
Need expert help in maintaining your lawn? Get in touch with our team at SAB Lawn & Landscaping Inc. for all kinds of landscaping and lawn care services! Our contact number is 703-661-6010. With us by your side, you can easily take a much-deserved break from your mundane lawn-care routine.

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