How To Cut Flowers And Make Them Last

July 26, 2019

Fresh flowers are a delight for weary eyes and perfect aromatherapy for the rejuvenation of the mind! When flowers (think tulips, peonies, daffodils, and even roses) are arranged tastefully in a complimentary vase, this captivating floral display has the power to liven up your dull, spiritless spaces!
Unfortunately, the joy is short-lived as the cut flowers soon start wilting and drooping, and they eventually die!
But worry not flower lovers as there are several steps you can take to make your cut flowers look fabulous for longer! Because all you need is to provide them with a little TLC so that they stay fresh and perky for many days.

First Get Your Flowers And Vase Ready

Before you put your flowers into a vase, it is important to do some prep work to prolong their shelf life. If you are taking some flowers right from your garden, always remember to cut them in the morning because their stems have the highest reserve of water during the early morning hours.
• Wash off the stems first as dirt can cause the water to become slimy. If any of the leaves are wilting, remove them to prevent their rotting in the water. Also, take off a few of the outermost petals (especially the ones that have started to wither) to prevent bacterial growth.
• Trim off the stems by one to two inches and cut at a 45-degree angle using garden shears. This facilitates better water intake at the stems’ ends as they don’t get covered when they sit at the bottom surface in the vase.
• Clean your vase every time you are going to put flowers. Then fill it up with warm tap water and add flower food.
• Keep your vase in a room with cool temperatures and away from direct sunlight, drafts, and fruit.

Aftercare Tips To Enhance The Vase Life Of Your Fresh Cut Flowers

You must ensure that up to 3-4 inches of stems are immersed in the prepared water. Also, remember to wash your vase and change the water (and the ingredients, of course!) every alternate day.
Here are some handy tips to get the best life out of your flowers.

Sugar – Sugar is an ultimate source of nutrients for your flowers that helps them survive, as they’re no longer receiving their supply from the ground. Just add 2 tablespoons of sugar to the water to keep your flowers nourished.

Apple Cider Vinegar – Cut flowers are vulnerable to bacterial growth. Fortunately, bacterial damage can be prevented by using apple cider vinegar. This ingredient works best when used in combination with sugar. Add 2 tablespoons of vinegar and 2 tablespoons of sugar to the water to keep your floral arrangement healthy.

Clear Soda – Various soft drinks such as 7-Up and Sprite can help you preserve your flowers’ life for a long time, without turning the water’s color to murky brown! Want to know how this works? The sugar content in soda drinks provides nutrition to flowers while the acidic content helps lower the pH level of the water, facilitating better absorption of nutrients by the stems.

Vodka – Ethylene, an organic chemical, is responsible for the brownish color of bananas and the softness of avocados, and also the blooming and wilting of flowers. Using vodka can help you control this chemical’s natural production in the flowers, thereby preventing their early decay.

Flower Food – You can buy flower food from your nearby florist, nursery, or your lawn care provider. A single packet of flower food has sugar for nutrition and acidic properties to keep the pH level of water low. This allows you to keep your floral arrangement fresh and beautiful longer.

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