Can Regular Landscape Maintenance Save You Money?

January 31, 2020

It’s pretty amazing what a hands-on day in the yard can do to improve the entire appearance and feel of your home’s exterior. But did you know that the effects can fade away in the absence of regular landscape maintenance? Basic landscaping and proper yard care is one of the most important things homeowners can do to enhance their home’s curb appeal and save money.

While everyone loves a beautiful yard, few people take regular yard maintenance seriously. It’s possible that your lawn care could be costing you more than you think. Why spend thousands of dollars in landscaping repairs when you can instead pay little every year and get a gorgeous yard without any hassle? Let us show you a few reasons why regular landscape maintenance is inevitable.

• A disheveled or neglected garden may demand a big budget to be fixed due to unforeseen problems such as insects, water damage, drought, storm damage, etc.
• A realistic monthly budget can be spread out over a year’s time to mitigate the expense of maintaining a landscape instead of paying a significant amount to repair something overgrown or ignored.
• Turf left to grow for a considerable amount of time or untreated or unfertilized will need expensive renovations.
• If shrubs and plants are not pruned, they can grow into structures, siding, gutters, HVAC units, and lead to damage.
• Overgrowth can block views from driveways and windows.
• When overgrowth is cut back, it leaves bare spots and may call for replacements.
• Un-weeded beds can allow weeds to overtake and destroy wanted plants.
• If insects on plants are left undiagnosed and untreated, they can defoliate plants quickly.
• When it comes to landscaping, don’t forget about maintaining the hardscape on your property. If these areas are deteriorated, they will ruin the look of your landscape and add to safety issues.
• Decorative walkways, retaining walls and other hardscapes should be regularly maintained and repaired if issues are observed.

Here are some benefits of regular landscape maintenance:

• The first and biggest advantage is the decrease in overall landscape maintenance costs. If you keep your landscape in optimal health, you will minimize future landscape expenses.
• Homeowners and commercial property owners can have more time to spend on other priorities when landscape maintenance is scheduled and performed on an ongoing basis.
• Regular landscape maintenance provides complete peace of mind and extra time that are required in today’s busy world.
• Ongoing landscape maintenance protects the value of a property and increases the aesthetic value.

Ensure a Healthy and Vibrant Property

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