Firewood Delivered To Your Home

If you need firewood to get you through this season, have it brought to you. Firewood delivery is a convenient service that we offer our clients in Sterling, VA. Rather than drive to a location, load your truck with the wood, then drive home and have to unload and stack the firewood, have us deliver it. We save you the time and expense of taking on the work yourself because we bring it to you. Our firewood is comprised of a variety of hardwoods but is primarily oak. SAB Lawn & Landscaping Inc. deliveries are scheduled Monday through Thursday during daylight hours. We do not schedule a time.

Cost Of Firewood

We sell full cords and half cords of firewood. Firewood deliveries are deposited on the driveway, so please have it open and clear of items and people. You must specify where on the driveway you would like the wood deposited and there may be a delivery fee depending on the area.

  • $200.00 for a half cord of firewood.
  • $275 for a full cord of firewood.

Our service professionals will stack your firewood for an additional rate of $45 per man-hour. Stacking half of a cord of firewood typically costs between $25 to $45 dollars and a full cord of wood is usually $45 to $90 depending on stack area. Stacking costs and times vary depending on the distance traveled between where we deliver the firewood to and where it will be stacked and stored.

Call SAB Lawn & Landscaping Inc. today at 703-661-6010 and schedule your home firewood delivery in Sterling, VA.

We service the following cities and their surrounding areas:

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