Firewood Delivery in Falls Church, VA

SAB Lawn & Landscaping has an economical solution for your bulk firewood needs with our convenient delivery service in Falls Church, VA. Whether you are looking to heat your home economically through the winter, or enjoy your outdoor firepit all summer long, we will deliver chopped, stackable wood to your home.

Firewood for Your Home

If you live in the Falls Church, VA, area, you are in luck because we deliver bulk wood to your home. We offer half cord and full cord amounts as often as you specify. Our convenient drop-off schedule means you can keep your home warm all winter long, and enjoy curling up in front of your fireplace on those cold winter nights. Locating seasoned wood that is suitable to burn inside a residential fireplace can be challenging, especially in the amounts necessary to heat a home. Fortunately, that is where SAB Lawn & Landscaping will help. We only sell seasoned firewood and will stack it for a small fee. 

Firewood for Your Outdoor Firepit

SAB Landscape Tree Service Firewood Delivery

Outdoor fire pits are a popular feature for backyards throughout the Falls Church area. Our springs, summers and falls boast excellent temperatures for spending long hours outside enjoying your firepit. Finding good wood for your fireplace can be tricky because it needs to be seasoned well and split properly to bury efficiently. SAB Lawn & Landscaping delivers split and seasoned firewood by the cord and half-cord to your home, or business. Now you have the opportunity to light up a fire while entertaining friends and family during a party that stretches into the evening or spending a cozy night outside.   

Who Delivers Firewood in Falls Church, VA?

Smoldering firewood has that nostalgic scent that draws you in and creates a feeling of comfort. Fires burning in a fireplace illuminate the area and cast an ambiance unlike anything else. If you are ready to take advantage of our firewood delivery service, contact SAB Lawn & Landscaping for delivery in Falls Church, VA. Our team splits the wood, bundles it into half and full-size cords and will stack in on your property for a nominal fee. 

We are your local trusted firewood supplier, in addition to providing lawn care and snow removal services to homes in the Falls Church, VA, area. SAB Lawn & Landscaping started in the 1970s and has grown into a well-respected landscaping company. Rest assured knowing that when you buy firewood from us, you’ll receive a quality product from experienced professionals.

Schedule Your Firewood Delivery Today

We price our half-cord bundles at $200 and full-sized cords at $275 per bundle until they’re all gone. SAB Lawn & Landscaping Inc. is a top provider of wood for our residential customers. Contact our team at (703) 661-6010 to schedule a firewood delivery to your home in Falls Church.