Buy Fireplace Wood for Delivery in the Arlington Area

A beautifully well-lit fireplace is a great feature to have during the cold winter months in Arlington, VA. SAB Lawn & Landscaping Inc. is a firewood supplier that sets the tone for the holiday season by delivering cords of firewood to your front door. Buying quality firewood can be difficult, especially when it comes time to haul heavy bundles back home. We offer convenient delivery services for chopped up, bundled, and stacked wood, so we can provide the best experience for our customers. Not everyone knows that it would need to be split a certain way and have a good dryness ratio in order to burn right. We take all the guesswork out by handling the preparation of the fireplace wood before we send it out for delivery.

What is the Best Firewood to Buy?

The smoldering wood and warm glow of a fireplace gives a wonderful nostalgic feeling in any living room. We understand the characteristics that wood for fireplaces should possess in order to produce a gradual and longer lasting burn. The best kind of wood is split into full or half cords, measuring 4” x 4” x 8”, because it burns evenly over time. Seasoned wood is stored for enough time that it achieves the ideal dryness for it to catch fire without a problem.

SAB Lawn & Landscaping Inc. offers firewood delivery services across the Arlington, VA area that includes:

  • Consistent lengths
  • Dense hardwood, like oak
  • Stacking available by the hour
  • Decent size for steady burning
  • Delivery and driveway drop off services
  • Dry, seasoned firewood 
Firewood delivery services for Arlington

What Makes Our Firewood Better?

The wood we offer for fireplaces is made of a majority oak hardwood, which has a higher energy content that provides a longer burn. Our cords also have the right amount of moisture and density that you need in a good fireplace wood. When you choose our team to fulfill your order, we will ensure that you receive products that are of the highest possible quality. Your satisfaction is our number one priority, so we even offer firewood delivery for customers located in Arlington, VA. We can leave them stacked up anywhere you’d like, and we suggest storing them away from moisture, so they can stay dry and free from damage.

SAB Lawn is a Dependable Firewood Supplier

If you want to work with a dependable firewood supplier, SAB Lawn & Landscaping Inc. has the experience to meet your needs. We’re known for our lawn care and snow removal services, but we can also help you buy firewood at a reasonable cost. Our company has been in business since the 70s and we’re trusted to provide excellent customer service and quality products for homes across the Arlington, VA area. Wood is quickly bought up and supplies can run low fairly quickly if you wait too long to purchase the amount you need. Stock up well in advance, so you can get the bundles of cords you need at a good rate. Count on our professionals to split, season and deliver stacked cords for your convenience.

Get Firewood Delivered to Your Arlington Home

Fireplace wood is going for $200 for half-cord bundles and $275 for other bundles until they’re sold out. As professional suppliers, we can help you buy the firewood you need to last you through the winter. Contact us at (703) 661-6010 to schedule a firewood delivery and provide further instruction for drop offs.