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Tips for Starting Seeds Indoors

SAB Lawn & Landscaping Inc is here to help make your vegetable gardening endeavors a whole lot easier. We have some expert tips to help you channel your inner green thumb. From tomatoes to beans –here’s how to convert your house into a green home in no time. #1...

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2020 Landscaping Trends For Spring

Even though gardening is getting progressively popular, most individuals don't have enough time to make an exterior oasis all by themselves. Property owners are occupied these days and seeking to improve their exterior zones and need assistance with...

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How To Prevent Weeds in Your Lawn

Who has never dreamt of a beautiful and neat garden without a single speck of imperfection? But before reaching that dream of perfection, you will need to deal with weeds. So here are some tips for weed control and preventions:Removing WeedsWeeds are often...

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Can Regular Landscape Maintenance Save You Money?

It's pretty amazing what a hands-on day in the yard can do to improve the entire appearance and feel of your home's exterior. But did you know that the effects can fade away in the absence of regular landscape maintenance? Basic landscaping and proper yard...

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Let SAB Help Keep Your Winters Stress-Free And Warm

Winter can easily be called the best season of all. It brings with itself the holiday season, festivals, and the joy of friends and families coming together. Waking up to see your garden turn into a winter wonderland is an unmatched feeling. However,...

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Keep Up Your Curb Appeal This Winter

Is the thought of the coming winter making you worry about your home’s outer appearance? With the snow falling and the days being dark and gray, winter is certainly not the preferred season for homeowners to dress up their houses. However, this does not...

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6 Tips For Maintaining Trees In Autumn

Aside from being leaf season, fall is also a good time to complete some basic home maintenance tasks, and don’t forget your green spaces! It is also important to prepare the soil and trees before sending them off to their dormant period. Remember, your...

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SAB Lawn & Landscaping Inc was founded by owner Stephen A. Borcherding of McLean, Virginia. The landscaping company originally started as “The Lawn Service” in 1979. Initially, the company offered mostly maintenance, light landscaping, light tree work,...

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Get A Lush Lawn With These Tips

Does it feel like the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence? Not anymore!Most homeowners want to have a perfect, lush lawn. However, it takes more than regular mowing and occasional maintenance to get one. Lawn care involves a lot of...

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How To Cut Flowers And Make Them Last

Fresh flowers are a delight for weary eyes and perfect aromatherapy for the rejuvenation of the mind! When flowers (think tulips, peonies, daffodils, and even roses) are arranged tastefully in a complimentary vase, this captivating floral display has the...

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