A Beginners Guide to Gardening Tools

March 24, 2022

Are you thinking about taking up gardening? Now is the time to do it! With the warm spring weather approaching, gardening is a great excuse to spend some time outdoors enjoying the sun. You’ll need some tools and supplies to start before you have that perfect garden you’ve always dreamed of. We’ve made a list of six valuable tools every beginner should have. Please keep reading to learn the purposes of each tool and why they’re necessary.


Gloves keep your hands clean from dirt and grime, and they also protect them from thorns, sharp rocks, and tools you might come in contact with. You’ll want to purchase a pair of thick gloves to protect your hands and be flexible enough not to debilitate hand movement. Gloves are available in all different sizes, price ranges, and brands, so you’ll be sure to find something that works for you.


Whether you plan on gardening vegetables, delicate flowers, or just want to have something to trim small tree branches, a nice pair of shears will get the job done. Shears are great for pruning, cutting branches, or harvesting plants. A good pair of steel shears will allow you to cut thicker objects, and if you take care of them, they’ll last you years to come.


A spade is similar to a shovel but has a flat rectangular shape, typically used for planting and transplanting. The shape of the spade helps to cut through sod, reshape beds, and mix soil, mulch, and other nutrients into the area you’re working on. When looking for a spade for your garden, keep in mind your personal preferences. Would you rather have a short or long handle? What will you be using the spade for most of the time? While you can purchase a few different specialty spades, a simple garden spade will work for beginners.

Round Head Shovel

You can’t start gardening without a classic shovel! While there are hundreds of different shapes and sizes of shovels, the best shovel for beginners is a simple round head shovel. Use it to transplant soil, dig holes, or break hard dirt apart.

Garden Hose

Your garden won’t flourish unless it gets enough water! You might already have a hose in your backyard, but make sure it can reach your garden area. You can purchase plenty of different length garden hoses at your local home improvement or hardware store. You might want to consider buying various head attachments to assist you while gardening to give you better control.

Hand Rake or Cultivator

A hand rake or cultivator is most handy for pulling weeds, turning soil, digging, clearing leaves, and many other things! Since it’s the beginning of the gardening season, this is the perfect tool to mix new soil with last year’s. When looking for the best cultivator, look for one with three sturdy prongs. The sturdier, the better!

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