5 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Yard

January 17, 2022

Control Weeds:

No matter how perfect a yard is kept, it’s hard nearly impossible to find a yard free of dreaded weeds. Weeds can be harmful to your garden and grass, make a yard look messy, and always seem to grow back! It might seem like a nice idea to just let weeds grow and not worry about them; however, doing this will eventually lead to them killing your lawn and other plants you’ve worked hard to keep up. Make a goal to keep up with weeding, and do some research to know the best time and techniques you can use to ensure they don’t grow back as quickly. In the end, you’ll be happy to have a beautiful yard.

Improve Garden:

The new year is the perfect time to invest in your garden. Think about what you’d like to grow throughout the year. Are you interested in growing vegetables that you can use in the kitchen? Maybe you’d like to have a beautiful flower bed in the spring! No matter what you might be interested in planting, now’s time to collect gardening supplies and seeds and do your research! Make a garden calendar outlining when certain things should be planted, watered, or harvested so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor throughout the year.

Start a Compost:

Starting a compost in your yard is a resourceful and eco-friendly way to recycle things such as kitchen scraps, fallen leaves, and other yard waste. Take what you would have tossed into the trash and throw it in the compost to break down into material full of rich nutrients. Use this material for your potted plants or garden to promote the growth of healthy plants and flowers. Compost containers can be purchased or built in any size you’d like depending on what works best for you and your yard.

Get Rid of Lawn Pests:

Lawn pests can be anything from snails and insects eating through your garden to deer, birds, or rodents simply snacking on seeds, nuts, flowers, or anything else edible in your yard. Either way, it’s never fun to see something you spent long hours working on or invested your money getting destroyed by unwelcome guests. Several ways to keep pests out of your yard include repellent, traps, or fences, depending on what kind of pests are intruding on your yard.

Hire Landscapers:

Keeping up with your yard can be an overwhelming task. It’s more than just mowing your lawn one weekend out of the month! It involves knowing what specific plants and trees need, an irrigation system that provides all areas of your yard with enough water, pulling weeds, and other labor that doesn’t always fit in with your busy schedule. Take that weight off your shoulders and hire a landscaping company this year! While it costs extra money that you could save doing it yourself, landscapers’ knowledge and time you could spend doing other things are priceless. If you’re on the market for a landscaping service, get in touch with SAB Lawn & Landscaping. We’ll get your yard looking better than it ever has.

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