Keep Up Your Curb Appeal This Winter

November 25, 2019

Is the thought of the coming winter making you worry about your home’s outer appearance? With the snow falling and the days being dark and gray, winter is certainly not the preferred season for homeowners to dress up their houses. However, this does not mean one cannot make their home look great for the holidays!

If you are planning to take on the challenge of maintaining your curb appeal during the chilly winter months, this blog is for you. Here are some of the many ways with which you can keep up your curb appeal throughout winter!

1) Add A Fresh Coat Of Paint
Once the colors of autumn fade, you might feel the need to add some hues to your surroundings and make your house look more lively. The easiest way to do this is by painting the front door. Leave the conventional ideas behind and opt for a bold color this season! Mustard yellow, off-black, brick red – the options are many!

2) Tidy Up The Exterior
While there is no greenery outside during the colder months, a tidy exterior still adds to your curb appeal. Take a walk around your home and look for places that need repairs. Also clean and repair your driveway while you are at it. Rake the leaves, apply sealant, remove unwanted toys and equipment, as well as clean the gutters to maintain your outdoors during winter.

3) Upgrade The Garage Door
You can install a new garage door to increase your curb appeal. Or, if it’s not possible, consider washing and maintaining the old one. Replace the worn-out parts and accentuate its look by adding a splash of color. You can also declutter your garage and make it look bigger by installing shelves and stacking boxes.

4) Lighten Up The Surroundings
Less daylight in winter provides the perfect opportunity to add colorful lighting to your home and increase its warmth and appeal. Illuminate the pathways with LED lights, use sconces or hanging lanterns on the porch, or hang a string of lights on the roof to brighten up your abode and get it ready for upcoming festivities!

5) Bring In The Green
Add some cold-weather plants and trees to your lawn to keep the outdoors from looking bare and drab during winters. Some of the common plants that you can go for include evergreens, holly, and red osier. You can also buy a small Christmas tree and place it near the front door for a brilliant look.

6) Go For Seasonal Decor
You don’t have to spend a lot on decorating your home exterior for winter! Just pick a wreath or an accent that you can hang on your door. A wreath with an understated elegance is excellent for a subtle decor addition. Another good idea is to keep a colorful bird feeder. You can DIY an ornament to add a personalized touch to your home’s outer appearance.

7) Clear The Snow
Clearing the snow from your porch and driveway can immensely enhance your curb appeal, as it will make your outdoors look neat and welcoming. Make sure you clean the snow every once in a while to ensure that there are no thick layers of snow covering your outdoors.

8) Update Your Mailbox
If you have a plain and old-looking mailbox that does nothing to increase your curb appeal, it’s time to give it a winter makeover! Paint your mailbox in an attractive color that complements your home’s appearance. If you have adequate resources, just replace it altogether with a new one. Don’t forget to change the look of your house number to make a statement!

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