Your Spring Property Cleanup Guide

April 3, 2019

Spring is here! The sweet sounds of birds, the sight of colorful flowers and hibernating animals out of their winter sleep are reasons enough to step outside in your yard or garden.
Before you start enjoying the spring season, there is something crucial you’ll have to take care of first. You need to cut through the clutter and get started on your spring property cleanup.

Why Start Spring with A Clean Up of Your Property?

Dead plants, stems and leaves littering your backyard look unpleasant and can be unhealthy for your property, leading to major problems in the summer. it’s always smart to do yard spring cleaning to help keep your landscape disease-free and beautiful.
Spring is also the perfect time to clean out those often neglected spaces in your house – the shed, garage, and attic. It is important to keep these spaces clean, organized, and functional. You may even consider painting your not-so-favorite spaces to really spruce them up.

Simple Steps For Spring Cleaning

Are you ready to get your hands dirty? Here are the steps you should follow For Tackling Your Yard or Garden
Now the sun is shining, and it’s the ideal time to sort out the repercussion of winter.
• Pick up litter, animal waste, and large plant debris left behind over the winter months
• Rake your lawn to remove any residual dead leaves, twigs, and pinecones
• Pull out dead leaves and stalks from perennial plants and ornamental grasses, and remove any dead annuals you want to replace
• Prune dead branches from perennial plants, shrubs, and trees
• Add blooming flower beds and beautiful hanging baskets to give your landscape a touch of spring (optional)

For Cleaning Out Garages, Sheds & Attics

A significant part of spring cleaning is refreshing your neglected spaces, making them safe and clutter-free.

• Evaluate the clutter; make 3 categories – keep, donate, and toss
• Put out all the toss items with the recycling or trash
• Separate the stuff that you want to keep into new categories, and assign them a logical location
• Pick sturdy plastic storage boxes to store items better and make carrying and moving easy
• Think about hanging items such as fire extinguishers, work gloves, and tools to save space and maintain order

For Disposing of Debris & Waste

Lastly, you may consider hiring a dumpster rental service to dispose of bulk amounts of debris.
Whether you’re a do-it-yourselfer or commercial contractor, at SAB Lawn & Landscaping Inc., we have dumpsters of all sizes for short or long term use. We can haul away debris and waste and help load and move on location or from one location to another. We help with safe and effective waste management in Northern Virginia. You can contact us for your free estimate.
Nothing is stopping you now from welcoming spring!

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