When Is The Best Time Of Year To Plant A Tree?

February 8, 2019

Trees add to your life and property in more ways than one. From flowering plants to shade trees to deciduous shrubs, they provide your garden with shelter, privacy, color, and value while giving you better air to breathe in! If you want to add some new greenery to your lawn or landscape, there are a plethora of varieties to pick from.

However you choose to design your landscape, knowing the best time to plant new trees makes all the difference. To set your gardening investment for success, plant your trees when the time is the most favorable for them to thrive. The perfect time to plant new trees and shrubs is when:

1) The soil is adequately warm.
2) The daytime temperatures stay between the ideal range of 32ºF and 90ºF, neither frigid nor too hot!
3) Extreme weather conditions such as hail, torrential rain, blizzard, and so on are not expected in the forecast.

On these grounds, fall is considered the perfect time to plant new trees in Virginia and other surrounding areas. Late August, September, and October are the months when the trees you plant are more likely to thrive and bring great value to your garden.

What Makes Fall A Favorable Season For Planting?

The months of the fall season are less likely to witness draught or scorching heat that is detrimental to newly-planted trees. The season gives trees more time to acclimate to the soil and the surroundings. Moreover, the slightly cold temperature in fall fosters the growth of new roots in plants. This means that the trees planted in fall have ample time to establish stronger and more developed roots. They tend to grow more quickly and have a better life than the ones planted in other seasons.

However, remember that sowing new tree seedlings must be treated differently than planting new trees. Tree seedlings should be sown in their dormant state between December and March.

Should All Kinds Of Trees Be Planted In Fall?

Although fall is the ideal time for many trees, there are some exceptions to the rule. Below we have broadly categorized all the different types of trees and when is the best time to plant them in your garden!

Nonetheless, one golden rule to always abide by is to plant every tree at least four to six weeks before the expected arrival of extreme weather conditions, either of summer or winter.

The Right Time To Plant:

Maple trees
Whether it is Japanese maple, red maple, or any other variety of maple trees, always plant them in fall for successful growth.

Certain shade trees and flowering trees
Shade trees such as birch and willow trees as well as flowering trees such as dogwood and magnolia trees need more time to establish. Hence, it is best to plant them in spring. However, make sure to provide them with ample water and keep them hydrated throughout the summer season.

Evergreen trees
Evergreens such as pine trees never go dormant. Hence, you can add them to your landscape either in fall or spring. Just make sure that you don’t plant them anytime near to the hot summer season.

However, there are some broad-leafed evergreens such as rhododendrons, azaleas, boxwoods and hollies that you must avoid planting in fall as they will then require more protection from freezing winter winds.

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