5 Important Steps for Winterizing Your Landscape

October 31, 2018

Maintaining landscapes is a challenge that every homeowner has to face, especially during winter when the frigid weather wreaks havoc on the property and causes damages that may cost a fortune. That’s why it is necessary to take extra steps to ensure that your landscape is all protected and ready to bear the brunt of the cold weather.

Here are 5 steps that you can follow to winterize your landscape and keep it in its best condition during winter.

Prune And Aerate Your Lawn And Garden

Start with pruning the hedges, shrubs, and trees in your lawn and garden. This must be followed by the aerating and fertilization process. By aerating your turf, you allow important elements like water and oxygen to go deep within the ground and provide the land with the essential nutrition needed to survive the winter. Try to fertilize the land during late fall, so that the root system remains strong throughout the winter.

Make Additions To Your Landscape To Enhance Its Beauty

You can add a number of things to your landscape to enhance its beauty. Berry bushes like crabapples and red-twig dogwoods produce berries during winter. This not only spruces up the color of landscapes but also attracts birds to them, making the landscape even more attractive to onlookers. If your yard is big enough, think of adding a fireplace to it. There are some other additions that you can make like evergreen shrubs, lights, and outdoor furniture to bring more character and style to your outdoors.

Do The Mulching Of Your Outdoors

Your garden is an important part of your landscape; therefore, it should be taken care of well. Make sure to do the mulching of your garden before the winter starts. Mulching is a protective covering made of bark-chips, straws, and plastic sheeting placed on the ground of the garden. It acts as a blanket for your plants’ root systems and insulates the soil from temperature fluctuations. The insulation protects the newly planted shrubs and trees from getting damaged under the harsh weather conditions. Put down at least 3 or more inches worth of mulch around your plants for effective results.

Clean And Clear Your Landscape Properly

When the fall starts nearing its end, think of it as a great time to rid your property of unnecessary debris and foliage. This includes your garden as well. Cleaning will not only keep your landscape looking fresh during the winter, but will also reduce the risk of your garden plants getting infected by insects. Make sure that you remove extra snow from the plants to stop them from being weighed down by snow and breaking.

Winterize Your Irrigation System

Make sure to winterize your irrigation system before the fall ends. This will help you avoid costly repairs when spring comes around and increase the longevity of your system. The best option is to hire a trained professional for the servicing who knows how to prepare an irrigation system for the cold temperature.

Keep your landscape beautiful and healthy during winter by following the steps mentioned above. If you want further assistance with your landscape maintenance, our experts at SAB Lawn & Landscaping Inc. will help you! Contact us at 703-661-6010 for professional landscaping services!

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