Getting your Yard Ready This Spring

March 5, 2018

Before we know it, the sun will be shining, the birds will be chirping, and spring will be officially here!

With this season of renewal, that means it will be time to get out in the yard and beautify your space. Are you ready that type of commitment?

If you feel like you might not be ready for your yard preparations come spring, here are few helpful tips you should try this year:

Get your Equipment Ready

It’s been a while since you used your yard equipment, right? Make sure they are in proper working order before you need them. It can be quite frustrating going for a gardening trowel and realizing that the handle is broken. Take some time to clean, repair, sharpen, and replace your yard tools.

Plan your Plants

Do you have a plan of how to bring life back into your yard? Think about what type of color and plants you want in your yard and create a plan for them. Don’t just think about what plants you would like, but also think about where you would like to plant them. You will be pleased with your yard as you watch your ideas take shape.

Plan out Yard Decorations

If you want to add a focal point piece to make your backyard pop, also think about what type of decorations you could add to achieve this goal. Any variety of outdoor furniture, barrels, flowerbeds, or vases could do the trick. It all depends on what look and feel you are going for in your yard. Get creative!

Rake up Debris

Where you diligent in raking up the leaves in the fall? Perhaps the winter has brought in new pieces of debris in your yard? Either way, it’s always a great idea to clean up the yard of any debris. Make sure your yard is dry and stable before you start raking. You don’t want your rake to scrape up pieces of your lawn.

Clean out Weeds

Weeding your garden is no fun, but it is necessary. Getting rid of weeds and other debris in your garden will not only look good but will provide your garden with the opportunity to grow.

Fix any Struggling Patches of Lawn

If you see any sad pieces of your yard where the grass is not matching or it appears to be dead, spread the love on your lawn a mixture of compost and grass seed. This will help your lawn return to its beauty and health.

Look at the Bushes

After you’ve taken care of the lawn patches, look to your bushes or other shrubberies. Be sure to prune any dead or broken branches. This will stimulate growth within the bush, and your yard will look even better.

Mulch for Trees and Plants

For your trees, add about 2-3 inches of mulch around the base. This will help with the soil temperature, reduce weeds and give a fresh look. For your plants, you just need to cover the surface area of your garden with mulch to combat weeds and provide a fresh look.


You will need to add some sort of fertilizer to your growing plants in the spring. Add your preferred fertilizer to your container plants and don’t forget to loosen the roots a bit when planting your container plants.

Have Fun!

Your yard can be a haven for you and relieve stress. Have fun with it and create something truly unique and beautiful.

However, we understand that landscaping is not an escape for some people and it can be quite stressful. If you are one of those people, give our team a call, and we’ll be happy to help with your landscape needs.

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